Grand I-novation acoustic performance improved

We are very excited to inform you that we have recently developed a wonderful solution for media production studios and theatres.

We have managed to integrate the most optimal sound insulation in two of our Grand I-novation structures (25x35m, H10m and 40x50m, H10m).

To realize this ambition, the buildings had to be specifically designed to optimize the acoustic insulation required for soundstages (50 dB reduction). SPANTECH has partnered with an acoustician, in order to develop multi-layered walls and roofs. These allow us to achieve exceptional levels of performance in a modular building.

It was a challenging, yet exciting project that has once again proven to us: Nothing is impossible! We are always eager to push our boundaries, to innovate and to improve on every collaboration.

This is why at SPANTECH, we always move forward and we will happily accept your next challenge.