Aircraft hangars

Are you looking for an aircraft hangar, made with guaranteed high-quality materials and innovative design? Are you looking for a mobile aircraft hangar to assemble in multiple locations, an MRO hangar to keep up with maintenance, an airport hangar to store aircraft or a hangar to store small aircraft and helicopters? At SPANTECH, you can find a variety of different models to suit your needs.

We offer sustainable and cost-effective hangars for airlines, MRO providers, airports and military organisations worldwide.

Rent or buy a hangar

Whether you require a temporary aircraft hangar or a permanent structure, here at SPANTECH we specialize in high quality design and manufacture of premium prefab aircraft hangars. Our hangars are 100% relocatable due to their original modular designs and require minimal maintenance over the years.

If you are not looking to buy an airplane hangar, do not worry, as SPANTECH also provides short term solutions and the possibility to rent airplane hangars. We really do have all your needs covered! Speak to one of our team members today to find out more about the options to buy or rent a hangar.

Hangar specifications

Our airplane hangars are able to accommodate all types of aircraft, from large airplanes with spans of up to 125m to helicopters and small aircraft. We even have the perfect solution if you are just looking to extend your current aircraft hangar with our tail-out-box model.

Our modular hangar constructions provide:

  • A span of up to 125 metres
  • Eaves height up to 25 metres
  • Rigging load up to 25t/portal beam

Modular hangar advantages

All our hangars comply with local building regulations and are FAA approved, making the process of buying to installation as smooth as possible. We pride ourselves on our short delivery and installation times thanks to our pre-assembled and patented trusses. Our hangars benefit from natural lighting and efficient insulation due to the inflatable translucent membranes increasing the overall energy efficiency of the structures.

SPANTECH's experience, specific engineering and high-quality materials provide unique benefits compared to traditional steel and concrete alternatives.  We offer the following advantages to airports, airlines or MRO companies:

  • Speedy execution and installation, as a result of pre-assembled pieces and patented trusses
  • Modular structures with the possibility to enlarge or reduce quickly
  • Our modular hangars are 100% relocatable and reusable
  • Limited environmental impact
  • Customized door solutions, delivered by our partners (in compliance with EASA regulation)
  • Similar or superior energy performance compared to traditional hangars
  • Equipment identical to conventional hangars such as lighting, doors and fire safety
  • Lightweight foundation system on existing surface

SPANTECH’s flexible, high quality and cost-efficient aircraft hangars can be designed based on your specific requirements. Get in touch with our innovative design team today to discuss your options!