Helicopter hangars

Do you need a safe and secure location to store a helicopter? Spantech’s innovative modular helicopter hangars are made with high quality materials and smart designs to provide the premium storage options. Our helicopter hangars are modular and can be dismantled and relocated without any compromise to the structure’s integrity.

Whether you need a temporary storage solution or a permanent one, Spantech’s helicopter hangars are high quality, durable and will provide long term solutions.

Innovative design

Spantech provides storage solutions for military and private helicopters, as well as offering both sale and rental options for the helicopter hangars. Our hangars benefit from translucent roofs, which provide an abundant amount of natural light as well as insulation from the inflatable membranes and adds to the energy efficiency of the structure.

The helicopter hangars are stabilised with anchoring pegs, therefore do not require traditional foundations and cause little to no disruption to business and the surroundings during installation. All of our structures are FAA approved and follow EU building regulations. Due to the modular and turnkey design of the structures, the delivery and installation times are efficient and speedy. The helicopter hangars benefit from steel and aluminium profile structures and are incredibly sturdy and durable. As a result, these hangars can withstand adverse weather conditions, high wind speeds and heavy snow loads.

Tailored to your needs

We have three models available, ranging in size from 10m span to 50m span. The hangars provide side heights of up to 7m, providing the perfect environment for helicopter storage as well as maintenance. The helicopter hangars are built on a ring beam system and can offer customised door solutions, which are in compliance with the EASA regulations, as well as extra optional accessories such as: hard walls, sprinklers, flooring options and multiple door and window options. Contact our design team today to discuss options for your helicopter hangar!

SPANTECH's experience, specific engineering and high quality materials provide the following advantages to airports, airlines or MRO companies:

  • Customized door solutions, delivered by our partners (in compliance with EASA regulation)
  • Lightweight foundation system on existing surface
  • Side height max 7 m
  • Sale and rental options
  • 100% Relocatable and modular structures with virtually no maintenance required
  • Speedy delivery and installation, as a result of pre-assembled pieces and patented trusses
  • FAA approved buildings
  • Natural lighting and insulation thanks to our efficient inflatable translucent membranes


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