SPANTECH designs, manufactures and installs structures that span up to 115 m, suitable to store wide body aircraft such as the A380 or the B747-8. According to the on-site requirements, the following structures can be used:

  • Grand I-novation (max 70 m span)
  • Grand Arena (max 115 m span)

SPANTECH's experience, specific engineering and high-quality materials provide the following advantages to airports, airlines or MRO companies:

  • 100% Relocatable and modular structures with virtually no maintenance required
  • Speedy delivery and installation, as a result of pre-assembled pieces and patented trusses
  • FAA approved buildings
  • Natural lighting and insulation thanks to our efficient inflatable translucent membranes
  • Customized door solutions, delivered by our partners (in compliance with EASA regulation)
  • Lightweight foundation system on existing surface
  • Side height max 15 m
  • High hanging load capacity for crane systems or fire suppression systems


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