About our warehouse solutions

Do you need a quality storage warehouse? Are you looking for top notch, reliable warehousing solutions? Spantech is the market leader in prefab modular warehouse buildings. From temporary warehouse tents to permanent storage warehouses, Spantech provides quality, durable and solid warehouse solutions.

We have a range of different models available and are sure we have the best solution for you and your business. All of our warehousing models have the option to be extended, modified and customised. With our speedy turnaround times, you can have your ideal prefab warehouse up and ready to use in less time than a traditional warehouse building.

Built to last

We understand that not all businesses require a permanent warehousing solution but instead might be looking for a temporary warehouse structure. Our prefab modular warehouses can be constructed with ease and it takes little time to have the storage structure up and ready to use. Our storage warehouses are able to be dismantled and relocated without any compromise to the build quality or the durability of the structure.

These warehouse structures can be used the same as a permanent structure and can serve the company for just a few weeks, up to years. We also understand that you might not be looking for a warehouse to buy as we also offer all our models available for rent as well. Check in with the Spantech team to discuss the options with us further.

Adaptable and reliable construction

All our warehouse buildings have galvanised corner fittings, aluminium profile structures with steel connections and PVC roofs. Our warehouses are simple to construct and do not require traditional foundations either. Our warehouse structures are in compliance with EN13782 and Eurocode standards too. We also have models which are suitable for heavy weather conditions and are high wind and snow load resistant.

The design team at Spantech has considered it all. Our storage warehouses are fully customisable and can be fully tailored to be the perfect solution for your business logistic needs. With varying eaves heights, different options of hard walls, insulation and cladding, door frames, guttering systems, and heating (and more!) we really do make sure that your warehouse solution has everything you might possibly need.

  • Stability: in compliance with EN13782 and Eurocode standards
  • Responsiveness: a quick answer to your urgent need
  • Turnkey solution: including lighting, heating, insulated panels, ventilation and more.
  • Flexibility: extendable, dismountable and relocatable solution
  • Cost efficient: temporary (from a few weeks to several years) or permanent solution


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