SPANTECH and festivals go back a long way. Many festival and concert promoters reach out to us looking for exceptional design. Our structures invoke a unique sensation thanks to their one of a kind look and exceptional inner dimensions. With a span of up to 50 m and an internal height of 14 m, you will welcome your guests in a stunning location, assuring your concert or festival will be a success.

To host concerts, our polygonal structures are especially popular, as the acoustics are unrivalled.

  • Fast: no foundations required, fast to erect (within a few working days)
  • Large stock of rentals available
  • Stunning design
  • Numerous colours available
  • Various options available, such as floors, hard walls, windows, HVAC, etc.
  • User friendly: high rigging load capacity, spanning 10,0 m to 100,0 m


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