Lights, camera, action! Imagine you can build a fully operational soundstage with 50 dB sound insulation, in less than three months anywhere in the world. Capacity problems are problems of the past. SPANTECH's buildings offer outstanding sound insulation and are fitted with gantries and catwalks.

The SPANTECH Soundstages can be installed as pop-up location from 3 to 36 months or as permanent building complying with the permanent building code.

  • Fast: no foundations required, fast to erect (within a few working days)
  • Simple: easy assembly and construction
  • Durable: some of our buildings offer over 22 years of operational use
  • Flexible : 100% dismountable, adaptable and relocatable
  • Environmentally friendly: highly insulated building, reducing electricity costs
  • User friendly: Turn-key buildings with high performance in rigging and acoustics
  • Cost effective: less than ½ the costs of fixed construction