A temporary structure with the look, feel and specifications of a permanent venue. SPANTECH's theatre solutions are the ideal fit for the specific needs and requirements of a theatre. If you are looking for an interim solution during a renovation of an existing theatre, or you are looking to create a new purpose-built venue for a new show: you have come to the right place. Our structures excel in performance, sound insulation, thermal insulation, acoustics, optics and hanging load capacity.

  • Fast : no foundations required, fast to erect (within a few working days)
  • Simple : easy assembly and construction
  • Durable : some of our buildings offer over 22 years of operational use
  • Flexible : 100% dismountable, adaptable and relocatable
  • Environmentally friendly: insulated building with translucent natural skylights, reducing electricity costs
  • User friendly: High rigging load capacity span from 10,0 m to 100,0 m


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