TV Studio by Spantech

Do you need a TV studio that caters to a live audience? Are you working on a tight time frame? Our modular TV studio sets are reshaping the industry. Within just 3 months, our fully operational TV studio can be fabricated, delivered and installed on-site and ready to use within just a few working days. Expensive time delays are a thing of the past.

  • Fast : no foundations required, fast to erect (within a few working days)
  • Simple : easy assembly and fast TV studio construction
  • Durable : some of our buildings offer over 22 years of operational use
  • Flexible : 100% dismountable, adaptable and relocatable
  • Up to 50dB sound reduction
  • User friendly: High rigging load capacity span from 10,0 m to 100,0 m

A smart TV studio construction

All of our TV studio designs are 100% relocatable, giving freedom to projects that require multiple locations. Not only can they be dismounted and reconstructed without issue but the structures only take a couple of days to be fully erected. As the studios do not have the hassle of traditional foundations, the studio site also does not need to be prepped or manipulated before installation. The television studio can be installed as a temporary solution or can be used as a long-term fixture on location, with some of our structures still being in use for over 22 years.

Not only can the television production studio be relocated easily but because of the modular design of the set, it can also be adapted later on down the line, when need be. Whether you need to reshape the set or expand it, the cost and time-implications for this are minimal when compared to traditional TV set construction. All our structures are made from aluminum frames with galvanised joints, making the building incredibly sturdy and strong. Because of their robust frames the studio sets are able to withstand adverse weather conditions, such as high wind speeds and heavy snow loads.

In a studio, audio quality is paramount. Especially when there are live audiences in the studio. Our TV studios are designed with this in mind and offer up to a 50dB sound reduction - giving you one less thing to think about.

TV Studio designs

Looking for a TV studio that can adapt to your needs? Our television production studios can be adapted before and after installation. We offer a range of extra accessories to customize the structure to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a studio that has gantries and catwalks, heating and lighting options, we make sure your TV Studio construction is fitted to your requirements. Get in touch with the team today to discuss options and designs for your next TV studio.

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