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First ever Grand Palais built for Tomorrowland 2019

For the first time ever, SpanTech has built the newest and most innovative Grand Palais structure for the Tomorrowland festival this summer of 2019! ...

Grand Palais

Arcum structure with Orangerie windows

Dome view of the special truss

SpanTech Team

For the first time ever, SpanTech has built the newest and most innovative Grand Palais structure for the Tomorrowland festival this summer of 2019!

We are extremely proud to have finalized the development of this magnificent structure and celebrate its release on the 18 July 2019. We are very honored to have the first showcase happen for a festival of such magnitude.

What is most fulfilling is that this year, SpanTech celebrates 20 years of its existence! 20 years of innovative thinking, outstanding engineering and successful projects. At the same time, Tomorrowland is celebrating its 15 years as arguably the biggest and most exciting music festival in the world! If you ask us, it is the perfect time for this collaboration to happen.

The Grand Palais structure is composed of:

- 4 Arcum structures

- 1 Dome structure

- Orangerie windows

Additional structures were provided to accompany the Grand Palais:

- Aero 5x5 structure (catering staff)

- Orangerie 10x10 structure (entrance)

Special production for the structures:

- Special design printed on PVC directly during production to ensure higher quality of visuals.

- Special wood panels produced as back walls for the main structure.

- Special truss produced for the Dome that can hold heavy decoration and lighting installations.

Resembling to a classic French Palace, this ideal wedding tent is a combination of 3 of our top-selling structures made specifically for high-class events, weddings and large-scale festivals. This is the perfect combination for this type of project, because the structure itself was built to be treated as a calm relaxing zone for the VIP camper guests. We can definitely assure you that our Grand Palais deserves that high-end treatment. Just look at those pictures and you will understand why.

Check our instagram for more photos of the event and of our anniversary celebration in our Grand Palais!

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Messi10 by Cirque du Soleil

SPANTECH is pleased to announce that at the moment we are building a Grand I-novation structure for the Cirque du Soleil, one of our most trusted...

SPANTECH is pleased to announce that at the moment we are building a Grand I-novation structure for the Cirque du Soleil, one of our most trusted clients, for their newest show Messi10 in Barcelona, Spain.

Inspired by the football legend Lionel Messi, the show will take the spectators back to the beginning of his life story and will show the tough road to success that he had to go through to become, as we know him today, the greatest number 10 in the world.

Click here to get a sneak peak and find our more about the show!

For this project, we are building a large venue of 3900m² in total. This structure will have a large hanging load capacity to integrate all of the show technique required, as well as great heat insulation and sound isolation systems, which allow to create the perfect conditions for the show. One of our strengths is that all of our structures are 100% demountable and relocatable, which is very important for our clients, such as the Cirque du Soleil. This provides the perfect solution for shows on tour, since they can easily relocate and rebuild the same exact structure. Finally, our buildings are big enough to fit all in one building. This includes: stage, huge screen, grandstand for spectators and professional technical equipment. We also provide full service solutions for foyer, offices, dressing rooms, catwalks, HVAC and much more. To summarize, we are your best choice for a "all in one" solutions!

We are very happy that the Cirque du Soleil continues to come back to us for collaboration. That makes the future even more exciting than it already is. We cannot wait for the show, which will be this october 2019! For more information about the event visit here.

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Grand I-novation for Hamilton: The Exhibition

SpanTech just built a Grand I-novation for the Hamilton Exhibition in Chicago!

Great news! We are eager to announce that the Hamilton Exhibition launched last week in Chicago, Illinois, USA. We are very pleased to mention that we have successfully finished building our Grand I-novation structure for the event. This is has become just one of our biggest recent projects and we are very excited for more to come this season.

Here at SpanTech, we often work overseas thanks to the trust that our clients put in us. And as you can see, we have definitely delivered! The Hamilton Exhibition is designed to take visitors deeper into the life of Alexander Hamilton, while at the same time covering the American Revolution and the creation of the United States of America. The Exhibition will act as a temporary museum where through interactive lighting, sound, multimedia, music and historical artifacts, visitors will get to experience the real life of Alexander Hamilton.

This unique structure was specifically designed to withstand heavy snow load and bad weather conditions. Perfect for the Chicago weather! This goes to show that in SpanTech we always adapt to the client's need and offer real solutions to real problems. In addition to that, our structures have high hanging load capacity to integrate all your show technique. We also offer great heat insulation and sound isolation systems and much more.

Our job consists in creating the most adapted and secure conditions for our clients, while keeping our design standards as high as possible! We must say that working with such clients on the long term makes us love our job even more!

For more information about the Exhibition visit here.