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Cooperation with Studio100

6.600m² live entertainment building for the musical 41-45

SPANTECH is contracted to build the new Pop-up theatre for Studio100 in Belgium. This semi-permanent event venue will host a new big musical production of Studio100. SPANTECH will use its knowledge on buildings live entertainment buildings to erect a 6.600m² aluminium structure in the coming months. We are happy to be part of such an innovative event project.
Find more information in the press release.

SPANTECH is specialist in the construction of temporary and semi-permanent stadiums, live entertainment arena’s and theatres. More info can be found on our website.

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SPANTECH Orangerie for the garden show in Burg 2018.

More than 2000m² of temporary structures for the garden exhibition Burg 2018

We are currently building all temporary buildings for the garden show Burg in Germany which takes place from April until October 2018.

There is no better structure than our Orangerie for this kind of event, in the style of a baroque winter garden, this 20x30 m building will host in a spectacular way all kinds of amazing plants.

A second Orangerie of 20x20 m will be used as a market place for all products touching gardening.

For events like concerts or shows, the garden exhibition ordered a Polygonal structure 20x30 with a huge stage.

Also the caterer of the event booked our services to host their guests in several 2 slope structures and Pagodas which have the same look as the Orangerie because the side walls will be equipped with Orangerie windows.

We will keep you posted about the progress of this building site on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Learn more about the garden show:

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Cirque du Soleil: the adventure continues in China

SPANTECH builds 60x110 Grand I-Novation for Cirque du Soleil

After several successful cooperation, Cirque du soleil and SPANTECH continue their partnership with another huge project in Sanya, China.

Cirque du soleil ordered a 60x110 Grand I-Novation structure which will host the show  “Toruk -the first flight”. The show will start on 1st of February and Cirque du Soleil will conduct 120 performances until mid-May 2018.

Discover already now some impressions from the building site and read more about the show here.


UPDATE: The live entertainment area is ready for the show!