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Stage/set/scenery Internationale Fachmesse und Kongress Berlin 18-20 June 2019

Stage/set/scenery Internationale Fachmesse und Kongress Berlin 18-20 June 2019

SPANTECH is proud to announce that it will take part in the international trade show and conference in Berlin from 18 - 20 JUNE 2019. This is a great opportunity for SpanTech to showcase its building solutions for the Theatre Industry.

Here at SpanTech the show must go on! If you are a theatre that is looking to renovate or reconstruct its building, but you do not want to put your shows on hold, then SpanTech is your solution. We offer innovative temporary and permanent structures that will adapt to your needs and provide you with the appropriate enclosure that can host any kind of event. From movie theatres, to operas, to concert halls, or museums, we do not just sell but also rent structures to our clients. We design, develop and manufacture high-quality fabric building solutions. Our sizes vary from normal-sized enclosures to the largest such as Grand I-novation and Grand Arena. Even though these structures are easily assembled and dismantled, SpanTech can provide you with a building solid enough to adapt to the weather conditions of your location. Not only that, but these large parts can be easily transported from one place to another thanks to our unique product design that only SpanTech engineers know how to make. Regardless of what type of structure you need, for a theatre or a museum, we offer the whole package on your request: central halls, rehearsal halls, dressing rooms, foyer, reception areas, exhibition areas and even cafeterias.

With Spantech, theatres no longer have to worry about their facilities being renovated. Building solid but flexible semi-permanent structures, either for rent or for sale, is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Come and see us in Berlin: Hall 22/104a.

More Information here.

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SPANTECH's New Catalogue 2019

SPANTECH's Newest Catalogue 2019 for Architectural Fabric Building Solutions!

Grand Arena

Grand I-novation

SPANTECH is proud to share its newest catalogue for Architectural Fabric Buildings. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and our finest engineers, we propose the best solutions, adapted to every kind of need. Whether it is for a live entertainment event like theatres, Musicals, Operas, Cinemas, TV-studios, or for World EXPOs, Exhibitions, Roadshows, Museums etc., SpanTech offers temporary and/or permanent building solutions.

One of our most attractive and innovative projects is, in fact, the Grand I-novation, which is frequently used by our very trusted client the Cirque du Soleil. This impressive structure can go up to 60 m in width and 20 m in height. If you are interested in even bigger dimensions, do not worry. Our Grand Arena structure offers a width up to 100 m. Despite their large size, the Grand I-novation and Grand Arena are easily assembled and dismantled. In addition to that, our highly-skilled engineers have designed a foldable truss that allows the structure to be easily relocated and reassembled at any time. And that is what makes SPANTECH the best solution for every situation.

Take a look at the newest Catalogue here.



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SpanTech at MRO Middle East 2019

After a successful and positive experience at the MRO Europe 2018, we are pleased to announce that SpanTech will attend MRO Middle East in Dubai on...

After a successful and positive experience at the MRO Europe 2018, we are pleased to announce that SpanTech will attend MRO Middle East in Dubai on the 11th and 12th of February.

MRO Middle East, is the premier event for the commercial air transport maintenance, repair and overhaul industry, designed by thought leaders and innovators from the leading and trusted brand in the aviation/aerospace industry – Aviation Week Network.

MRO Middle East provides a world class venue for all those involved in the MRO sector to exchange ideas and best practices, share experiences, generate leads and gather knowledge.

SpanTech , one of the world leaders in light weight buildings , will present its tailor made solutions such as :

Mobile Hangars

Large span hangars for A330 or B747

Small and medium sized hangars

Building up its live entertainment & industrial experience , as well as some specifics civil or military aviation projects, Spantech is now a trusted parter for your aircraft hangars. 

                                              Come and meet us at our Booth 1034.