Alu hall

Are you looking for a temporary or permanent aluminum hall? SPANTECH has extensive experience in building aluminum structures, for temporary commercial spaces, showrooms and more.

The aluminum hall is a professional structure that offers the ideal solution for logistics and storage. The aluminum hall is a lightweight but strong building. It creates large open areas without annoying poles placed inside the tents.


At SPANTECH you can choose between a permanent or temporary aluminum construction. We also offer the aluminum halls for sale or for rent, fully customised and according to your wishes.

The Alu Hall has several options for customisation. As well as the different size options, there are also various lighting, heating and ventilation options to choose from. Our Alu Hall additionally has the option of insulation. Read more about our insulated buildings.

Do you urgently need the aluminium hall? From placing the order to installation; the process is efficient. The Alu Hall can be on site and installed in a short space of time. Due to this, we can create thousands of square meters of extra space within just a few days.

The aluminum hall can be expanded, dismantled and relocated. It can be reused over and over, without affecting the integrity of the structure, providing multiple uses in multiple locations. Or maybe you need the aluminium hall for storage purposes or to extend pre-existing storage locations? The Alu Hall can do it for you.


Our aluminium halls can be assembled anywhere in the world. Our structures are suitable for almost any type of surface or terrain and come with various anchoring solutions so the aluminium hall provides the same integrity and safety as a traditional building. Safety is paramount to the design and build of our structures and the aluminium hall is in accordance with all Eurocode standards.

Cost alu hall

Spantech produces cost-efficient aluminum halls. Buy or rent an aluminum hall with us; available to rent for just a few weeks, to years. Curious what we can do for you? Request a quote.

SPANTECH's industrial structures were the ideal solution to our storage problem. We have been working with SPANTECH for many years and we appreciate their flexibility, speed and the quality of their structures.

Mark Libeer Etex Building Performance n.v.

When it comes to emergency relief, our warehouse capacity needs constantly change. SPANTECH's lightweight buildings have helped us meet those needs in a flexible and cost-effective way over the past year.

Margreet van de Vorle Wijnroemer Relief Goods B.V.


SPANTECH's production and products are TÜV certified. All welded building components are EXC-2 certified, according to EN 1090-1. Our PVC tarpaulins are fire retardant and our structures meet the EN13782 standard for temporary structures.


At Spantech we focus on developing products with a low environmental impact, a high life cycle and that are recyclable. In fact, the concept of modular buildings for semi-permanent use is a real breakthrough. By reducing our material volumes and making optimal use of the loading space (-80%!) of trucks, we greatly reduce our environmental impact in logistics.

In addition, the material we use is designed to be used over the years. Steel, PVC and aluminum have a long life-cycle and can be reused. This gives buildings a second, third or even a fourth life.

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