About 2-Slopes

Spantech offers various types of two slopes structure with different mounting systems & spans from 10 to 30m. These different systems allow Spantech to rent or sell those structures worldwide and to conform to local construction codes. A multitude of options can be fitted on the structure.

Structures can be used as:

  • Temporary or semi-permanent hangars
  • Check-in hall
  • Security hall
  • Warehouse


  • ClearSpan is an optimized tent system using galvanized corner fittings
  • ClearSpan is economical thanks to a standardized number of parts across the different models
  • The structure is built on a ring beam system that eases the integration of accessories such as flooring, windows and hard walls systems
  • The ClearSpan structures can be equipped with a 'gutter' that gathers and evacuates water, exclusively available at SPANTECH

Technical Description Clearspan

A (m)10.0015.0020.0025.0030.00
B (m)
C (m)
D (m)
E (m)5.206.407.208.10X.XX
Profile120 x 80 mm170 x 88 mm239 x 108 mm239 x 108 mm239 x 108 mm
Roof angle24°18°
Wind load100 km/h
Snow load10 kg/sqm

Scope of supply

  • Aluminium profile structure with steel connection parts
  • PVC roof and side curtains
  • Anchoring pegs

Optional accessories

  • Hard walls
  • Floor (up to 2000 kg/m2)
  • Doors & Windows
  • Aircraft door
  • Sprinklers

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