With the SPANTECH accessoires you can customize and transform any type of structure to create the ambiance your are looking for. We offer various option for all our structures which can be purchased or rented. Accessories include hardwalls, glas facades, doors, lining an flooring systems.


SPANTECH offers different types of flooring: cassette boards , pine or tri-fold on tasseaux and tri-fold strips on Bator Structure plates. Each type of flooring has different applications. Please visit also our product page "floors".

  • Hard plastic flooring
  • Aluminum frame wood floor
  • Cassette flooring with anti slip layer
  • Carpet


Windows and glass elements join the space inside the tent with it's environment. Glass element transfor a simple structure into an exclusive building.

  • Crystal windows in different styles
  • Crystal curtains and covers
  • Orangerie windows
  • Loft windows
  • Amsterdam windows
  • Horizontal windows
  • Square windows
  • Rectangle windows


SPANTECH offers various door options. We can equipe our strcutures with single or double doors and even automatic doors. 

  • Double doors
  • Single doors
  • Ramps
  • Emergency exit curtains


Besides PVC curtain, our tent can be equiped with hardwalls, wood and isolating sandwich panels.

  • Metal sheeting in various colors
  • Isolation sandwich panels
  • Thermoformed event panels
  • Wooden walls
  • Single skin panels


With tent lining you can create various ambiances in SPANTECH structures. We supply various designs and color. 

Colored PVC / Printing

Your logo on the gable of a SPANTECH structure? Or the complete tent in your favorit color? SPANTECH offers high quality digital printing on PVC.

Other accessories

  • Stairs
  • Podia
  • Anchor pulling
  • Gutters
  • Heating
  • Ballast
  • Inner anti condensation liner
  • Inflatable isolated roof
  • Connection to existing buildings
  • Buzons
  • SPANTECH gutters

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