The I-novation structure consist of a patented modular foldable truss system. The low pitch of the roof offers to users a rational inner volume to maximize storage or exhibition and promotion space. I-novation can span from 15 up to 50m without columns.The building has a standard cleared height under the truss of 6m but can be delivered with any measurement from 6 to 12m columns. Truss profile are made off European aircraft alumi- num 6061T6 fully CNC machined for a perfect fitting, assembly and patented foldable system. Side columns can be either aluminum or steel depending on the architectural details and application.

More information

  • Fast : no foundations required, fast to erect (within a few working days)
  • Simple : ease of assembly & build up
  • Durable : some of our buildings have over 22 years of service
  • Alternative : 100% dismountable, adaptable and relocatable
  • Environment Friendly : insulated building with translucent natural lighting reducing electricity costs
  • Span from 10,0 m to 50,0 m

Technical description I-Novation


Scope of supply

  • Aluminium profile structure with steel connection parts
  • PVC roof and side curtains
  • Anchoring pegs

Optional accessories

  • Hard walls, thermofom panels, glas walls
  • Floors 
  • Doors and windows
  • Architectural fabric building solutions
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