About I-Box

Our I-boxes are flat-packed container shaped modular units that can be configurated in many different creative setups from high-end VIP lounges to product promotions and pop-up stores. One I-box consists of a bottom module with an integrated floor, a top module with an integrated ceiling and 4 columns that can be as high as 3,5 m. An I-box can be connected to another I-box in any direction and can be stacked 3 stories high. A smart patented system allows 6 I-boxes to be connected without inner columns, to create uninterrupted space. Suitable for a showroom, for example.

More Information

  • Various facade options
  • Various inside and outside stairs available
  • Integrated floor and ceiling
  • Optional covered and open terrace on 1st and 2nd storey
  • Fast installation

Technical Description I-Box

2,5m wide 5,9m long and 3 or 3,5m high.

Scope of supply

  • Structure
  • Roof
  • Floor

Optional accessories

  • Windows, sliding windows
  • Doors, stairs, carpet
  • Terrace, railing