Modular buildings by Spantech

If you are looking for a modular building, we have a range of prefab building designs to choose from. With their non-intrusive foundations, rapid construction times and no fuss design, Spantech’s prefab buildings are a good investment for any business. These modular structures are suitable for all kinds of occasions and locations. Spantech is the market leader for modular construction and the leading manufacturer for prefab structures in Europe, supplying their designs all over the world.

Our modular buildings are versatile and provide perfect solutions for any kind of event, industrial warehousing and many other business needs. Spantech supplies modular aircraft hangars for prominent airlines and the military, relocatable film studios for global streaming services and modular structures for all kinds of events and festivals, supplying over seven industries with prefab solutions.

What is modular construction?

There are many advantages of modular construction, from its efficient production, quick delivery times, ease of construction on site and its durability. Prefab buildings do not require traditional foundations like traditional buildings, meaning that these structures can be built on many types of terrain. They can be constructed under tight time deadlines and cause very little disruption to the surroundings and business function.

Time is money. Modular construction saves time and in turn is economical and cost efficient. Once the order is placed for a modular building, the construction process starts straight away and no time is lost between site preparation and delivery. Depending on the project, a structure can be erected and ready for use within a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

Our structures are designed to grow with your business. At Spantech we understand that a business is forever changing and growing and that one day, needs might change. Maybe your prefab building needs to be expanded, modified or even relocated? Our modular buildings can be easily expanded, even years after original construction, due to the modular design and versatile components of our structures. They are also completely demountable and relocatable, without compromising the integrity of the building once it has moved locations. These structures can provide solutions for several days, weeks or be with your business for over 50 years. If you are looking for a short-term solution, Spantech provides temporary buildings for rent, as well. Get in touch with the team to find out more.

Quality matters to us

Spantech uses their own factory premises, which gives the company full reign and control over the production process. In turn, our quality control is a thorough process, only promising the highest quality materials. Not only are we able to control the quality process but also we are able to control and minimise waste production at the factory and take measures to be sustainable in areas that traditional construction can not.

We understand that your business could have more specific requirements and not only do we have a large range or products to choose from but our modular buildings are also customisable. There are many extra accessories to choose from, including but not limited to: flooring, walls, heating, lighting, guttering and many more. Contact our design team today to discuss more options.

Modular building advantages

  • Completely adjusted to your needs
  • Built within no time while maintaining high quality
  • 100% relocatable and reusable
  • Both permanent and temporary solutions
  • Sustainable
  • Possibilities to expand
  • Comply with local regulations


  • Live Entertainment
  • Event & expo
  • Industry
  • Sport
  • Aviation
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Army


Spantech understands business needs. Get in touch with us today to discuss our modular buildings in more depth. Fill out the form below!