About Equestrian Lunging Tent

Are you in need of a covered equestrian training pen? Do you require a lunging tent that is mobile, yet high quality and provides top conditions? Spantech is the market leader in Europe and provides the perfect round pen covering to cater for all of your equestrian training needs. The tents can be constructed within a matter of days and do not require intrusive traditional foundations. The round pen covers are available with diameters of 15m or 20m and have a range of accessories.

Quality above all else

We don’t mess around when it comes to building quality at Spantech. Our lunging pen tents are mobile and built with high quality materials, giving you the option to relocate the tent without sacrificing the durability and reliability of a permanent structure. The lunging pen covers are built with aluminium profile structures with top quality steel connections. They also have durable PVC roofs and side curtains, which provide secure protection from the elements all year round. We understand the importance of having a secure enclosure for successful equestrian training, rest assured, our round pen covers will not let you down.

A perfect covered lunging pen

Our Foxy and Favorit lunging pen covers are both available in diameters of 15m and 20m, providing ample space inside to work with the horse in a safe and comfortable environment. Both models have eaves heights of 3,5m providing a protected setting for the rider, trainer and the horse themselves. Our Foxy model is also ideal for countries with more extreme weather cases, as the cover is built to withstand high winds and high snow loads.

The lunging pen covers do not need the traditional foundations of a normal building but can instead be secured with robust anchoring pegs, creating a stable and solid foundation for the structure. These anchoring pegs facilitate the round pen covering to be relocated and used as a temporary or permanent structure in practically any location.

Every rider, horse or trainer is different. Whether you are looking for a covered lunging pen at a stud farm, riding school or for personal use, we have a variety of custom add-ons available for both models: gutters, kick walls, lighting systems, sliding doors with aluminium frames and hard walls too. Get in touch with our design team today to discuss more.


  • Round pen cover Favorit is available in a 15 to 20 m diameter
  • Eave height of 3,5 m


  • Round pen cover Foxy is available in a 15 to 20m diameter
  • Eave height of 3,5m
  • Foxy can also be used in areas with high winds and snow loads

Scope of supply

  • Aluminium profile structure with steel connection parts
  • PVC roof and side curtains
  • Anchoring pegs
  • PVC sliding door

Optional accessoires

  • Gutters
  • Kick wall
  • Lights
  • Sliding door with aluminium frame
  • Hard walls


Kick wall

  • 28 mm Thick planks from Norwegian pinewood
  • Under construction made from steel and placed under an angle
  • Height +/- 145 cm. Floating +/- 10 cm above ground
  • 3 m wide entrance door


  • 8 elements of fluorescent lights 2 x 58W IP54 approved white (840) lights
  • Installed with chain


  • Galvanized steel gutters with downpipe 1,5 m from bottom

Aluframe door

  • Sliding door with aluminum frame

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