About our indoor tennis court buildings

Are you looking for the ideal tennis court covering? With SPANTECH’s wide range of products, we can construct an indoor tennis court building of your dreams or cover one or more adjacent tennis courts. Our structures allow for all weather conditions, come rain or shine, you won't miss a practice or a match with our prefab tennis court covering.

Our permanent and temporary tennis court structures are built with anodised aluminium with a choice of fire-resistant PVC fabric, lateral soft PVC walls or a hard cladding finish. To really get a bespoke experience, we also offer heating installation and lighting systems in all our tennis courts.

Build an indoor tennis court

SPANTECH specializes in creating the perfect indoor tennis court(s) for clubs that meet your needs. Our tennis court construction is fast, innovative and sustainable.

SPANTECH uses only the highest quality materials, ensuring that whatever the weather, there will be the possibility to practice tennis or ensure that an important tennis match will not be rained off. The high-quality PVC translucent roof lets in an abundance of natural light and for those cloudy grey days, the integrated lighting systems make sure there is never a dull tennis game taking place. Our covered tennis court is also ideal for those sparse but glorious sunny days, as the PVC walls can be opened, creating an outdoor playing experience.

We provide a range of tennis court covering systems to meet the needs of tennis clubs, ranging from single court structures, double or multi court buildings and also timber frame structures.

Cost to build an indoor tennis court

The cost of an indoor tennis court will depend on the specification and size of your building. Contact us today to discuss an offer, pricing and start to design your dream tennis court.

Polygonal 18M

  • The ideal cover for one court with a width of 18 m
  • The indoor tennis hall has an eave height of 3,2 m and an apex height of 9,6m
  • The structure has been certified with the Qualisport label
  • Natural light inside, thanks to a translucent PVC roof
  • PVC side walls can be opened for a real outdoor feeling
  • Tennis court covers can be delivered turnkey with lighting and heating installed

Technical Description Polygonal 18m

Polygonal 36 M

  • The ideal canopy for two or more tennis courts with a width of 36 m
  • The indoor tennis court has an eave height of 4,0 m and an apex height of 10,7 m
  • The structure has been certified with the label Qualisport
  • Natural light inside, thanks to translucent PVC roof
  • PVC side walls can be opened for a real outdoor feeling
  • Turnkey delivery including lighting and heating

Technical Description Polygonal 36 m


  • Structure: I-Novation with wishbone roof, eave height: 7,2 m, apex height: 9,5 m
  • We deliver turnkey buildings with lighting and heating installed, ready to use

Technical Description I-Novation

Glulam Structure

  • SPANTECH also offers glulam structures
  • Available for one or more tennis courts
  • Natural light inside, thanks to translucent PVC roof

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